Request for Proposal 

Bid # Bid Area Title Description Invitiation Start Date* Submission Closing Date* Contact details
COS-19-00001 Commercial USIM Cards Provide USIM Cards production and supply 13-Jun-19 5-Sep-19 Click here
COS-18-00001 Commercial Scratch Cards   Provide silk screen scratch cards  13-Jun-19 5-Jul-19  Click here
COS-19-00002 Commercial Customer Premises Equipment Provide routers and MIFI production and supply 21-Jun-19 31-Jul-19 Click here
TNI-19-00006 Technical Core Sites Infrastructure Enhancement Scope of work of the project:
- Rectifier
- Cooling
- Firefighting System
- Civil Works
- Electrical Works
23-Jul-19 19-Nov-19 Click here
ISS-19-00002 IT IBM Servers RFP for ICFLIX Purchase and install IBM Servers for VoD solution 23-Jul-19 6-Aug-19 Click here
TTP-19-00008 Technical IP Backbone Upgrade RFP IP Backbone Upgrade with Cisco Gold Partners 7-Oct-19 25-Nov-19 Click here
FAD-19-00001 Finance & Administration Motor All Risk and Compulsory Insurance Provide All Risk and Compulsory Insurance Coverage for MIC2 Vehicles 2-Jul-19 9-Dec-19 Click here


* MIC2 reserve the right upon its sole discretion to suspend, cancel or amend the request for proposal process at any time and for any reason, with no liability whatsoever on MIC2 for taking such action.


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