Rula Abu Daher

Rula Abu Daher - Chief Corporate Management Officer

Apart from constantly accumulating achievements, Rula Abu Daher, the Chief Corporate Management Officer (CCMO) at touch, is one of the most charismatic, hardworking, and high achieving business women in the telecom sector.With over 15 years of progressive experience, she manifests excellent competency in the technical and business aspects. Rula proved to have very strong influencing and leadership skills in parallel with hands-on approach. She is self-motivated and a great motivator to the team whom she works with while always holding consistent focus on the business end results.

In recognition of her pioneering role and remarkable achievements in the Lebanese Telecommunications sector, Rula Abu Daher was awarded ICT Woman of the Year for the Middle East in 2007. This award was the result of hard work and perseverance, but most of all faith in one’s convictions and principles, which will inevitably lead to achieving the set objectives and reaching the desired goals and ambitions

In 2010, Rula was leading, in coordination with the MoT, the process for MIC2 3G HSPA+ project, merging the expertise of all involved parties into one homogeneous, professional, and compassionate team resulting in great work and unparalleled experience and know how in handling such a complicated process.

Rula has proven through her achievements, and in a record time, that she's really determined to be the remarkable senior executive she is, regardless of her age and gender. She's a quick decision maker, yet she weighs all aspects of any decision before taking it, and everyone admires her because of her courageous and resilient personality.

Abu Daher is a graduate of the American University of Beirut with a bachelor degree in Computer, Communication, and Electrical Engineering.

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