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Missing your favorite TV show because you are always on the go? Whether you are on the beach, in the taxi or at the office, with touch Mobile TV you can now stream live TV over your mobile phone, tablet or PC.

All you need is a Mobile TV subscription with a 3G enabled device (or a tablet/PC with an internet connection) to take your TV viewing experience anywhere you like!

How to Subscribe

Choose a Live TV package: either local (6 channels), international (17 channels) or both (24 channels).

Live TV categories  Price/Month Data Usage Limit* Activation Code
Local $6 20 hours over 3G/100 hours Wifi TVL
International $6 20 hours over 3G/100 hours Wifi  TVI
Local + International $9 20 hours over 3G/100 hours Wifi  TVA

Need to Know

1. Mobile TV access, via:
   - Mobile TV app (available on Android, iOS and BlackBerry to follow).
   - touch Mobile TV portal (www.mobiletv.touch.com.lb).
   Use your touch website username and password to login.

2. Checking consumption:
   - Send C to 1133 (postpaid & prepaid).
   - Via Mobile TV app or portal (under ‘my profile’).

3. Postpaid subscription details:
   - Subscription will be automatically renewed every billing cycle. 
   - Upon activation, the subscription fee will be fully charged to your monthly bill. 
   - To unsubscribe, send “DTV” (for the Live streaming) to 1133.

4. Prepaid subscription details:
   - Subscription will remain active for 30 days, after which you can renew or upgrade the package.



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