Expression of Interest

Bid # Bid Area Title Description Registration Start Date* Registration Closing Date* Contact details
SPM-18-00001 Operations Asset Management Deploy an Asset Management Platform including Network Asset Management, Network Inventory Management, Assets' Monitoring, Control, Tracking and Reconciliation, as well as Physical Inventory Count

Open Click here
FAD-18-00003 Finance & Administration Furniture Selling Selling Used office furniture 28-Aug-2018 Open Click here
FAD-18-00005 Finance & Administration Security Services Provide guarding services 24/7 for all MIC2 premises 21-Nov-18 Open Click here
HRE-18-00001    HR Food Catering Service Provide catering services for MIC2 employees at MIC2 premises 21-Mar-19 Open Click here
IIS-19-00005 IT Rapid 7 Nexpose Website Supply and install Rapid 7 Nexpose Scanner License. The vulnerability scanner shall cover MIC2’s servers located in headquarter, and distributed
among core sites. The scanner will be an updated version with License renew of the existing.
3-Jul-19 Open Click here
TTP-20-00001 Technical Purchase of L2 Switches A total of 1470 new L2 switches are needed to be installed in cell sites for the aggregation of management and security cameras traffic. 21-Feb-20 Open Click here


* MIC2 reserve the right upon its sole discretion to suspend, cancel or amend the expression of interest process at any time and for any reason, with no liability whatsoever on MIC2 for taking such action.


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