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Bid # Bid Area Title Description Registration Start Date* Submission Closing Date* Contact details
FWL-16-00002 Finance & Administration Warehouse Rental Request for Warehouse rental for ten years, suitable for telecommunications equipment storage, can accept large trucks, size at least 10,000 m2, with a height of not less than six meters. Region: Great Beirut. 31-Mar-16 Open Click here
TSI-16-00015 Technical Infrastructure Maintenance Room Integrity Test 30-May-16 RFP not issued yet Click here
FAT-16-00003 Finance & Administration Money Collection Money Collection from Remote Service Centers (RSC) and Points of Sale (POS) 31-May-16 16-Dec-16 Click here
TSI-16-00020 Technical Renovation Works for 7th Floor at MIC2 HQ2 Bldg. Office Appliances 13-Jul-16  19-Nov-16  Click here
FAD-16-00004 Finance & Administration Drinking Water Provide drinking water to all MIC2 premises 2-Sep-16 30-Jan-17 Click here
COS-16-00006 Commercial Scratch Cards Provide silk screen scratch cards 5-Sep-16 19-Dec-16 Click here
HRE-16-00001 Human Resources Medical, Workmen, and Life Insurance Provide medical, workmen, and life insurance to Touch employees and their relatives covered by the employees 7-Sep-16 9-Jan-17 Click here
CEM-16-00007 Corporate Management Voice of the Customer

Implement a Voice of the Customer Program targeted at achieving the following CX framework: LISTEN-survey customers, LEARN-analyze customers' feedback, ACT-follow up with appropriate actions, ENGAGE-closed loop program, MANAGE-administration of CX platform

4-Oct-16 2-Dec-16  Click here
IEA-16-00009 IT Touch Mobile Apps' Support

Provide support and/or enhancement for all Mobile Apps sponsored by Touch

7-Oct-16 28-Jul-17 Click here
IEA-16-00001 IT Business Intelligence with CEM Implement a supportive strategic planning tool that will allow Touch to gather, store, use, and analyze data to improve business decision-making, as well as optimize interactions from the customer's perspective, which Touch will use to foster brand loyalty. 14-Oct-16 RFP not issued yet Click here
CCS-17-00002 Corporate Management MIC2 Service Centers Provide Civil Works, Electrical & Lightning, Network Cabling for MIC2 Service Centers 19-Oct-16 16-Aug-17 Click here
 COM-16-00007  Commercial  4G Low Cost Devices  Provide 4G low cost device on consignment basis  19-Oct-16 18-Nov-16   Click here
 CCB-16-00008  Corporate Management Bad Debt Recovery   Report bad debt status and provide potential solutions to recuperate this debt 19-Oct-16  RFP not issued yet  Click here
TSI-16-00022 Technical Chillers Replace the old Chillers on HQ building rooftop 2-Nov-16 8-Jun-17 Click here
IEA-16-00010 IT Site Maintenance Mobile Application Develop a mobile app that allows the users' authentication, login, site check-in and check-out, photos and tasks, updating the task status and site visit status, and generating reports 2-Nov-16 RFP not issued yet Click here
COM-16-00008 Commercial Outbound Corporate Data Roaming Provide outbound data roaming service to Touch Corporate customers in 89 countries at affordable rates 2-Nov-16 RFP not issued yet Click here
 CCR-16-00004 Corporate Communications & Relations Employees Annual Gathering Comprehensive event planning for the employees' end of year gathering 4-Nov-16 13-Dec-16 Click here
TSI-16-00001 Technical 4G Swap of Generators Swap the existing generators with news ones, as per MIC2 standards and requirements, including related civil works, dismantling, installation services, etc. 16-Nov-16 RFP not issued yet Click here
 TSI-16-00013  Technical DAS Installation  Implement Distributed Antenna System to better cater for MIC2 customers' coverage needs in low coverage areas and strategic locations with anticipated high demand 16-Nov-16  12-May-17  Click here
 FAD-16-00005  Finance & Administration Custom Clearance & Freight Forward Services   Provide freight and cargo handling, customs' documentation and clearance, loading/unloading of containers, packing/repacking of cargo and consignments, etc. 18-Nov-16  15-Dec-16 Click here
FAD-16-00006 Finance & Administration MIC2 Fleet Maintenance & Repair Provide the needed maintenance and repair services to all MIC2 vehicles, including but not limited to oil change, batteries, tires, spare parts, etc. 18-Nov-16 RFP not issued yet Click here
CCR-16-00005 Corporate Communications & Relations Modular Booth Provide modular booth including design, features, and warehousing 9-Dec-16 RFP not issued yet Click here
COS-16-00009 Commercial Touch SIM Packaging Pack Touch SIM Cards as per MIC2's standards, requirements, and design 9-Dec-16 20-Jul-17 Click here
TSI-16-00005 Technical Site Structural Study Carry out the structural study and assessment of MIC2 planned sites 9-Jan-17 3-Feb-17 Click here
FAD-17-00001 Finance & Administration Stationery & Consumables MIC2 requires Stationery and Consumables from specialized and experienced companies 10-Jan-17 RFP not issued yet Click here
 COS-17-00001  Commercial Sign Products  Provide branded lightboxes, signage and parking signs for MIC2's Points of Sales  10-Jan-17 1-Aug-17  Click here
TSI-17-00001 Technical 4G Power Batteries Provide a complete solution including delivery, implementation, dismantling, and reinstallation of dismantled batteries in sites as defined by MIC2 24-Jan-17 8-Jun-17 Click here
FAD-17-00002 Finance & Administration Printing Services Provide printing forms (A4 letter heads, envelopes, etc.) 2-Feb-17 19-Jun-17 Click here
FAD-17-00003 Finance & Administration Security Services Provide guarding services 24/7 for all MIC2 premises 1-Mar-17 20-Jun-17 Click here
FAD-17-00004 Finance & Administration Transportation Services Seeking experienced and specialized transportation companies to provide transportation services for equipment from and to specific locations as advised by MIC2 2-Mar-17 6-Jul-17 Click here
ISS-17-00001 IT Enterprise Agreement Services Provide 3 years EA Services to MIC2 including Licenses' renewal and Software Assurance 16-Mar-17 26-Apr-17 Click here
TSI-17-00002 Technical Fire System Maintenance Provide Preventive and Corrective Maintenance for F200 systems, Conventional and Addressable systems, and Portable Extinguishers 21-Apr-17 RFP not issued yet Click here
 CCS-17-00001  Corporate Management MIC2 Mobile Service Center This mobile unit will operate in areas, where the existence of service centers providing services to MIC2 customers, is absent 5-May-17  19-Jul-17 Click here
TSI-17-00003 Technical UPS Maintenance Provide Preventive and Corrective Maintenance for MIC2 UPS systems 21-Apr-17 RFP not issued yet Click here
FAD-16-00001 Finance & Administration Cleaning & Janitorial Services Provide cleaning and janitorial services for MIC2 premises including staff and equipment/products needed 9-May-17 RFP not issued yet Click here
HRE-17-00001 Human Resources Salary Structure Provide proposals for the the organization's structure grading, numbering &profiling, salary scheme, benefits' classification as well as benchmarking services 11-May-17 17-Aug-17 Click here
IIS-17-00002 IT Intelligent Site Monitoring Platform Provide all required hardware and software for the supply, installation, implementation, commissioning and maintenance of an intelligent site monitoring platform to manage and monitor MIC2 sites distributed across Lebanon 21-June-17 RFP not issued yet Click here
FAD-17-00005 Finance & Administration Toners and IT Accessories MIC2 requires Toners and IT Accessories from specialized and experienced companies 31-Jul-17 RFP not issued yet Click here
FAD-17-00006 Finance & Administration Sanitary Items MIC2 requires Sanitary items from specialized and experienced companies 31-Jul-17 RFP not issued yet Click here
CCR-17-00002 Corporate Communications & Relations Below The Line Printing Materials MIC2 required Below The Line Printing Materials from specialized and experienced companies 1-Aug-17 RFP not issued yet Click here
COM-17-00002 Commercial Customer Satisfaction and Brand Health RFP MIC2 is seeking professional and reputable market research agencies with local presence and important experience in the telecom field regionally and globally to conduct two comprehensive studies, the first related to “Customer Satisfaction” and the second to “Brand Health”. 10-Aug-17 RFP not issued yet Click here


* MIC2 reserves the right at its sole discretion, and as deemed appropriate, to modify at any time, any of the following terms and conditions without justification, including but not limited to:

  • To take any action, including the delivery of supplemental information with respect to this RFP, in order to meet the objectives of the project.
  • To suspend the Tender process at any time and for any reason without any justification or compensation whatsoever.
  • To shorten/extend the Registration Start Date and Submission Closing Date at MIC2’s sole and full discretion; however, this clause shall not be construed in any way as providing the bidders the right to request an extension for whatsoever reason.


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