Many find the small screen they're holding in their hands to be much more interesting than what’s going on around them. But behind the wheel, it’s a recipe for disaster. However, urging people to stop texting and driving hasn’t made enough of a difference. So here’s what we suggest: text, WhatsApp, post, snap, tweet, share, like, react, send voice notes, and stream your heart out.

Just Dont Drive

In collaboration with several road partners, the touch Don’t Drive initiative is a cause we can all get behind: safer roads thanks to a choice of transportation solutions, with special offers and deals (check them out below!). So whether you’re the king of likes or a serial emailer, get onboard with our initiative and give the touch road partners a try.


Book with Careem today and get 3O% off two rides, renewable every month! Promo code DONTDRIVE (Maximum discount $3 per ride).


Visit Onlivery today to get your fix of yummy food and gifts!
Order 5 times through Onlivery and get a $5 Magic recharge voucher from touch, redeemable at any touch point.
Valuable gifts will be given away once every 2 months for the top 3 ordering customers.


Download Carpolo today and start collecting points!
Carpolo is a smart platform that promotes carpooling with a gamified points reward system. It also acts as a search engine for unused car space. Passengers and drivers can collect points to exchange for touch Magic lines and recharge vouchers. All users will also be participating in a leaderboard, with prizes for the top 5 carpoolers with the most points collected over 3 months.


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