Billing Channels & Cycles

Bill settlement channels

Billing cycles and charges

As a new customer, you will be assigned one of two billing cycles: cycle 1 or cycle 2. 
  • Cycle 1 ends on the 15th of every month (midnight).
  • Cycle 2 ends on the last day of every calendar month (midnight).
Invoices are issued on a monthly basis including:
  • Subscription fees [line and any extra service(s)] are billed 1 month in advance.
  • Usage charges are billed for the same period during which they were incurred.  
  • Prorated charges when you add or change a service. 
Example: the invoice for a line with the following details would amount to $33.55
  • Line activated on April 10. 
  • Set to billing cycle 1. 
  • Subscribed to the Star package ($5/month) on April 13. 
  • Incurred call charges worth $6 between April 10 and 15. 
  • Invoice details:

    Advance subscription fees
    From April 16 till May 15 (line subscription): $15
    From April 16 till May 15 (star package subscription): $5
    Prorated subscription fees 
    From April 10 to April 15 (line subscription): $4 ($15 x 6/30)
    From April 13 to April 15 (star package subscription): $0.5 ($5 x 3/30)
    Usage charges
    From April 10 to 15: $6

    Sub Total:  $30.5
    VAT (10%): $3.05
    Total:           $33.55

Useful tips 

  • Download the touch self-care app and monitor your usage on-the-go. At anytime, you can either dial 114 ($0.40/call) or send an SMS ($0.20/SMS) to 114 including the word "Bill" to get an update on your usage. 
  • Send an SMS (free of charge) to 1180 for data consumption checking and to 1100 for bundle consumption checking.
  • Keep an eye on the High Usage SMS sent by touch whenever you approach your line consumption limit.
  • For an online copy of your invoice, sign in and benefit from the free e-bill notification service, or visit any of our service centers.


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