Whatsapp Bundle

touch offers the WhatsApp Bundle to keep you connected with your loved ones more than ever!

Enjoy our WhatsApp bundle: Send and receive messages, pictures, videos and audio.

WhatsApp (MB) Price/Month (USD) Activation Code
200 1.34 WA
300 2 WA2

You can download the application through www.whatsapp.com/download.

Need to Know

1. To subscribe to WhatsApp bundle:
- Send "WA" (200 MB) or “WA2” (300 MB) by SMS (free of charge) to 1100.
- or download touch mobile app and go to My Services.
2. To check the remaining MBs and validity:
- Dial *220#
- or download touch mobile app and go to Current Balance.
3. Subscription to the bundle will be automatically renewed every 30 days, during active or grace periods, if there is enough credit in the balance. Otherwise, the bundle will be deactivated.
4. Unused MBs will not be carried over upon auto-renewal.
5. Active data plans on the line will be consumed successively:
-First the WhatsApp MB
-Followed by Public Sector bundle MB
-Followed by HSI MB
-And finally PAYG
6. WA (200 MB) & WA2 (300 MB) cannot be activated simultaneously.
7. To deactivate the WhatsApp bundle, send an SMS including "DWA" to 1100. Once you request to deactivate the bundle, you still benefit from the remaining MBs until the bundle’s validity date is reached and deactivation is done.








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