Student Plan

With the University Student Plan from touch, cover all your communications needs whether on or off campus! 

The Plan
Local Minutes On Campus Minutes Minutes to 2
Preferred Numbers
Internet Whatsapp Local SMS Validity Price/Month
60 180 300 5 GB 300 MB 440 30 days $15
Freebies & Discounts*
Anghami – 1GB Uber International Student Identity Card Learning.Social
3 free months 
40% discount onwards
1 free ride**  
(for new Uber users)
32% discount
2 free months
25% discount onwards

* Subject to change without prior notice
** Worth $7 

The below table summarizes all the stages of the line: 
Validity Period (30 days) Recharge Only period (10 days) Deactivation
  • Make & receive calls/SMS
  • Activate/subscribe to any service
  • Recharge with magic prepaid vouchers (except the $5 credit only voucher) or through Credit Transfer
  • Bundle is automatically renewed on day 30 (12:00 a.m.) if credit is available, or else the line enters the Recharge Only stage
  • Bundled minutes, SMS and MBs are not accumulated upon renewal
  • Can receive calls and SMS
  • Cannot make calls and send SMS 
  • Credit remains
  • Bundled minutes, SMS and MBs will expire
  • Can use activated services when applicable except for data (will be put on hold until bundle’s renewal)
  • Bundle will be auto-renewed upon recharge
  • Recharge with magic prepaid vouchers
Line is deactivated and trashed

Need to Know 

1.     Subscription: 
  • Please refer to your university for eligibility then subscribe through the touch app (you need to have the latest app version).
  • Only magic lines can switch to the student plan through touch app.
  • A minimum amount of $15 is required to perform the transfer, any remaining credit will remain as is however the validity will be reset to 30 days & all services will be deactivated. 
2.     Data consumption: When subscribed to the Student Plan, you can still activate any WhatsApp bundle, Daily Data bundle (1 day, 2 days or7 days), Social Data bundle, and any High Speed Internet (HSI) plan. Active data plans on the line will be consumed successively: 
  • First the WhatsApp bundle MB 
  • Followed by the student plan Whatsapp MB 
  • Followed by Social Data bundle MB 
  • Followed by the Daily Data bundles MB
  • Followed by the student plan internet GB 
  • Followed by HSI MB
  • And Finally Pay As You Go usage ($0.08/MB)
3.     Preferred numbers management: The two preferred numbers (touch or another local number) can either be added or changed once each per bundle validity period; as follows: 
  • To set new preferred numbers: dial *721* 8-digit number# 
  • To change preferred numbers: dial *722* 8-digit new preferred number*8-digit old preferred number# 
  • To check registered preferred numbers: dial *723# 
  • To delete preferred numbers: dial *724* 8-digit number# 
Some useful numbers
  • To recharge your card or to get useful information on your line’s services, recharge options and new offers: Dial 1344.
  • To recharge: Dial *200*xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (14-digit secret code)# and press "OK" (free of charge).
  • To view the last 3 activities: Dial *210# and press "OK" (free of charge).
  • To check the account balance and validity: Dial *220# and press "OK" (free of charge).








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