Green Services

As a token of its green commitment,  touch has adapted some of its services to fit its corporate environmental objectives.

By offering green products, the company is also encouraging its customers to adopt a greener approach, favoring the use of online means rather than plastic and paper based methods.

touch offers 4 green products, namely: 

  1. ATM Recharge: ATM recharging allows all prepaid magic customers to recharge their lines through IPN, CTM and Fransabank ATM machines, using any debit/credit cards. Next time you use an ATM machine, think about recharging your card as well! It’s time saving, efficient and green!
  2. e-Recharge: taking recharging methods a step greener,  touch provides its magic prepaid line holders with a 100% environmental friendly recharge method known as e-Recharge. By accessing our corporate website page on, customers can recharge their lines online, thus eliminating the use of any print material. If you are an online surfer, favor the e-Recharge method to help us make a green change by eliminating paper and card based methods.
  3. Bill e-Pay: postpaid line holders from touch also have their green share with the bill e-Pay service. Sparing the customer long queues, traffic jams and paper works,  touch allows postpaid subscribers to pay their mobile phone bills online through the company’s corporate website .Not only this is less hassle for the consumer, but also lighter for the environment as the bill e-pay methods cut on paper and car use, thus saving more trees and generating less CO2 in the air.
  4. Online Provisioning: Also available on the company’s corporate website, the online provisioning service enables “touch” postpaid lines’ customers to self-configure their mobile features, by adding or cancelling features or temporarily connecting or disconnecting their lines. By simply completing registering to the website, customers can safely choose to activate/deactivate any feature amongst the listed online provisioning services, noting that the whole procedure is automated and available around the clock.

Better for the customer, friendlier to the environment!

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