Opening of “touch LAB”: A Footstep towards Transforming the Mobile Retail Experience

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Telecommunications:

Opening of “touch LAB”: A Footstep towards Transforming the Mobile Retail Experience

Beirut, December 22, 2014: In line with its drive for innovation and leadership in the latest trends in the world of telecommunications, ‘touch,’ the leading mobile operator in Lebanon with 53% of the market share, managed by Zain, inaugurated ‘touch LAB,’ a pioneering concept store in Lebanon located at the heart of Beirut Central District area. 

With innovative design and functionalities, this new and unique service center enables customers to experience firsthand Telco products and services via interactive service demos and tech installations. Users can test advanced technological equipment varying from high-speed data, including 4G coverage, speed test and a data calculator, mobile TV, roaming and other content applications, online number booking, in addition to self-care facilities such as activation and payment services.

As an advanced technological platform, the touch lab also offers live broadcast of the latest local innovations in the world of content applications and technology in collaboration with various partners. A display of the latest wearable tech and smartphones is also available, allowing for an end-to-end customer experience.

Minister of Telecommunications, Boutros Harb stated at the opening ceremony “To start with, I would like to thank touch for its initiative. Your incentive today highlights our aspiration to keep moving forward, and I hope circumstances will allow us so,” adding that a strategic plan by the Ministry of Telecommunications will be announced at the beginning of 2015, including the re-launch of Law 431 and the revival of institutions which have fallen as a result of the incorrect policies adopted for a certain period of time.

Commenting on the occasion, Vice Chairman and General Manager of touch, Wassim Mansour, explained, “As a leader in the world of telecommunications, touch anticipates the impact of the digital revolution in the process of changing the concept of customer interaction with mobile services, and constantly works to keep pace with these developments in its products. touch LAB offers a wide variety of options for visitors, especially for Tech Savvy consumers, enabling them to interact with us with greater vitality. “

“touch LAB is expected to integrate some of its advantages in many of our service centers in order to pave the way for a large number of customers to experience the innovative spirit of this store,” Mansour said, adding that, “the inaugural of touch LAB is an advanced step in transforming the customer service experience, as touch keeps its customers at the center of its business strategies.”



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