Touch proceeds with implementing the new tariffs for mobile telecommunications and data

Beirut on June 30, 2022: Touch announced that, pursuant to Cabinet Resolution No. 155 issued on May 20, 2022, related to changing the tariff for cellular services, it will start applying the new tariff starting tomorrow, the first of July.


Accordingly, the general rule for calculating the prices of mobile telecommunications and data will be based on dividing the previous price by three, and then calculating the amount according to Sayrafa exchange rate. This mechanism applies to postpaid and prepaid lines, whereby the price of a postpaid line call becomes 0.04 USD instead of 0.11 USD. Currently, the monthly subscription price has been reduced from 15 USD to 5 USD, while retaining 60 free minutes of calls. Consequently, prepaid lines minute was reduced from 0.25 USD to 0.08 USD.
In parallel to the prices change, touch is also introducing a new offer represented by a recharge card with a balance of 4.5 USD that gives its holder either 56 minutes of voice calls, or 500 MB of data and 12 minutes of voice calls, valid for 35 days. As for the current balance of the customers, it will be divided according to Sayrafa exchange rate, whereby a balance of 150,000 LBP will be converted for example, to 6.03 USD after dividing it by 24,900 LBP, and it gives its holder 75 minutes of voice calls or 500 MB of data and 31 minutes of voice calls.
In addition, the customer will get thirty minutes of voice calls when using the first three recharge cards of 22.73 USD (VAT excluded) and which price became 7.58 USD after dividing it by three.
As for the “Bel Khedmeh” line for the security and military forces, and “Maak” line for people with special needs, touch has made sure that they remain available at a reasonable price of 1.5 USD or its equivalent in Lebanese pounds, according to Sayrafa exchange rate.
For more information, customers can visit the company's website or the touch app.



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