Data Snacks

Push your data limit with the Postpaid Data Snacks, an “add-on” to any existing data bundle!


Data Snacks Bundles Internet (MB) Price/Month (USD)
SB1 100 1
SB2 200 1.34
SB3 300 1.67

Prices are based on Sayrafa rate and exclude taxes.

Need to know:

1. To subscribe to our Data Snacks bundles, send “SB1”, “SB2” or “SB3” to 1188.
2. To check your consumption:
-   Send “SBC” to 1180 (free of charge).
-   Download the touch self-care app (go to Current Balance).
-   Or log in to my touch.
3. Only postpaid customers having an existing data bundle can benefit from postpaid data snacks.
4. Data Snacks can be activated on your postpaid line at any time during the billing cycle but can only be used after reaching your existing data limit.
5. You can benefit from one Data Snack bundle per billing cycle.
6. Data Snack bundle is fully charged to your monthly bill upon activation, and is automatically deactivated at the end of the billing cycle. 
7. Unused MBs are not carried over. 

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