Line Fee (SIM card) $7.5 (including bundle fee)**
Recharge Vouchers* (Credit Only)

*Can be purchased in LBP based on Sayrafa rate. Prices exclude taxes.
**Bil Khidmeh members can recapture the old line if still available or reissue a new line for $7.5. Blocked and lost SIM reissue costs $1.67. 


Bundle tariffs (local)

Minutes SMS Internet Validity Bundle Fee
120 120 1.5 GB 30 Days $1.5

Out-of-bundle tariffs (local)

Call Tariffs 
  Peak Time
(8:00- 22:00)
Off-Peak Time
(22:00-8:00 & Sunday all day)
touch to touch or another local number $0.10/min $0.06/min
International Calls Click Here
Roaming Calls Click Here
Video Call Local $0.14/min
Video Call International Click Here


Data Tariffs

Pay As You Go $0.01/MB


Messaging Tariffs 
Peak Time
(8:00- 22:00)
SMS (local) $0.02
SMS (international) $0.07
SMS Roaming Click Here

All above prices are based on Sayrafa rate.


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