With High Speed Internet (3.9G) from touch you can enjoy a richer, much faster, and more reliable internet connection on the go, using your compatible mobile phone, tablet or computer.

3.9G provides you with the fastest internet connection in Lebanon. The high speed means you can now benefit from new services such as TV/Video Streaming and Video Calling.

Why choose it?
  • Higher internet speed up to 21.6 Mbps*
  • Higher upload/download speeds
  • Seamless TV and video streaming experience: high speed internet means videos can be directly streamed with no more buffering. Watching TV or videos on You Tube, via your handset or computer, is really fast!
  • Video Calling: you can now hear and see the person you are calling, provided they have a proper 3.9G coverage and a compatible device.
  • Online gaming: real-time online gaming is possible with multiple players around the world.
How to benefit?

You can activate High Speed Internet (3.9G):

  • Directly on your existing touch line (prepaid or postpaid).
  • Using a separate Data-Only SIM/Micro SIM (whether you’re an touch customer or not) which is ideal for use on tablets (e.g. Apple iPad 3G, Samsung Galaxy, etc.).
  • Using a dongle, router or mini router for high speed connection on computers.

How To Subscribe

  • Pass by any of our Service Centers.
  • Contact our Customer Care on 111 free of charge.
  • Login to "my touch" and manage your account online.

  • Send an SMS with the short code of your desired package selected (HS1/HS2/HS3/HS4/HS5/HS6/HS7/HS8) to 1188.
  • Login to "my touch" and manage your account online.

For a separate Data-Only SIM or a dongle/router, pass by any of our Service Centers.


To view 3.9G coverage map, click here.

High Speed Internet 4G - 3.9G