Web & Talk Mini

Enjoy a great combo with the new Web & Talk Mini bundles! Internet, minutes, SMS, all at a discounted rate.


´╗┐Internet (GB)´╗┐ Minutes SMS Price/Month (USD) Activation Code
1 30 30 4.9 WM1
3 60 60 6.9 WM2

Need to know

1. To subscribe to a Web & Talk Mini Bundle:
- Send “WM1” or “WM2” respectively for “Web &Talk Mini 1” or “Web & Talk Mini 2” to 1100 from your magic line.
- Or download the touch self-care app (go to My Services)
2. To check your remaining MBs, minutes, SMS and bundle’s validity:
- Dial *220#
- Or download the touch self-care app (go to Current Balance)
3. Subscription to the bundle will be automatically renewed every 30 days, during active or grace periods, if there is enough credit. Otherwise, the bundle will be deactivated.
4. Unused minutes, SMS and MBs will not be carried over upon auto-renewal.
5. Bundled minutes and SMS are for local usage only. They exclude calling or texting shortcodes, which will be deducted from your line credit balance. 
6. Current magic rates apply once your bundled minutes and SMS are depleted.
7. Active data plans on the line will be consumed successively as follows: 
-First the WhatsApp MB 
-Followed by Social Data MB 
-Followed by Daily Data MB 
-Followed by Web & Talk or Web & Talk Mini MB
-And finally HSI MB
8. Active minute plans on the line will be consumed successively as follows:
-First the 2 Days Voice Minutes
-Followed by Web &Talk Mini Minutes
-And finally Magic Minutes rate
9. To deactivate Web & Talk Mini, send “DW” to 1100. 
Once you deactivate the bundle, you still benefit from the remaining minutes/MBs/SMS until the bundle’s validity date is reached. 
10. The Web & Talk Mini bundles can be activated on all magic lines. 
11. Web & Talk, Web & Talk Mini and Text & Talk bundles cannot be activated simultaneuously.
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